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I recently had the honor of delivering my Purposeful Creativity™ Prophetic Art Workshop to the students at The Worship Academy in Harrisburg, PA. I’m not sure who had more fun; me or them! These kids are being trained in worship dance and their teacher makes sure they understand they are worshiping and ministering NOT performing. My hope with my Purposeful Creativity™ is that I would help people understand the transforming power that exists in creativity.You are not just painting. You are ministering. You are not just writing books or making movies. You are speaking the voice of God. “As long as you remain tapped into the spirit of God, the creative things you develop will carry the very presence of God. That is something to celebrate!

It was honor to pour into the lives of these precious young ones. It is obvious their instructor, Shakara Beckem is laying an excellent foundation of what it truly means to minister creatively. They have a love, honor and respect for things of God. It was an honor to teach them.

I was blessed as they prayed and worshiped. I was blessed as they painted. The highlight of the night though was when the students told me what their paintings represented.

DSC_7369                                                          DSC_7368

I have been teaching a variety of workshops over the years here and there as people requested me to. However, now I offer a specific set of classes called The Purposeful Creativity™ Workshops. Please visit the “workshops” page on this site to find out more information.