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Welcome Creatives!

I am blessed and honored that you are here. I want you to receive all you need in order to live authentically as the creative you are. I have enjoyed the arts and all things creative since I was a young girl. However, some traumatic events in my life caused me to shut down to this vital part of my identity. There was a definite pattern of events I now recognize that were intended to keep me from flowing creatively. Over time, I became locked in a “Creative Prison” unable to live and function as the vibrant, whole, and free person I was created to be. God took me on a journey of healing and discovery that unlocked the doors to my “Creative Prison”. He used color and painting to jump start my process. As my heart healed and I was able to experience and accept more and more of His love for me, my creativity was awakened and my life began to align with Him and make sense to me. That alone, is phenomenal but it doesn’t end there. Part of my life purpose is to help others break free from their “Creative Prisons”.

I am passionate about helping people recognize their identity as creatives and releasing them to walk fully in their creative capacity. This applies to you. It doesn’t matter if you have never painted and don’t ever want to. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a dancer or a writer. You could be an accountant, a doctor, a scientist, etc. If you’re a living, breathing human, then you, my friend, are a creative. “Creativity is not about paint. Being a creative is not about what you do, it’s who you are”. It just so happens that God started with the art to uncover my identity as a creative that had been locked away.

I have been painting since 2006 and ministering publicly through prophetic art since 2007. I am not a professionally trained artist and you don’t need to be either. My focus is on the experience and process of painting and the meaning behind the finished product. I am not one who teaches complex art techniques but rather teaches students to relax, let go of fear, connect with THE Original Creator and enjoy the process you were created for; CREATING.

I offer various creativity experiences and workshops all geared toward building comfort, confidence and freedom in expression. The idea is that you start with the art and then that freedom flows over into all areas of your life.

I am also available to minister visually during your services and events.

Please stay connected with me on social media.

Twitter: @NicolePertillar
Instagram @NicolePertillar
FB @NicoleMichellePertillar

Always remember, “Leave time to CREATE, it’s more than worth it. It’s NEEDED!